Thursday, March 26, 2009

Google Support & Adwords Sucks - Big Time

I am not a rocket scientist, but i am far from stupid and have no problem running the same keyword ads on other platforms, such as MSN, Ask, Yahoo. However it seems no matter what keywords/content I select - No Matter what my budget or CPC price is set to - none of my google adwords campaigns will run.

Although the words appear to be active - I get nothing but this stupid comment

"Keyword Analysis: KEYWORD GOES HERE
Ad showing?
No The keyword phrase doesn't currently trigger any of your ads. There are several possible reasons your ad isn't showing for this keyword, including:
You just added the keyword to your campaign. You may experience a short wait as your keyword goes through the review process.
Our system is experiencing a delay."

No matter how long i leave the ad running - no matter how i click to get help i get nothing that will resolve the issue. Then you email these fucking clowns at google and they send you back a canned response that's about as much help as the description above.

Funny, prior to adding credit to my adwords account things seemed to work normally. I had ads running, they were not setting the world on fire, but at least they where running. After i added the 120.00 promotion credit i had - i got the credit in my account - yet everything stopped working and no ads were run.

In my quest to find a resolution to the problems i have had with google i have come across tons of other site where people complain how google adwords ripped them off and so on and so forth. Well i got news for you - i am starting to believe most of these people have been wronged by this blob of a company.

Shame is i like most of the google products, but i think for a company who relies on ad revenue their Adwords product totally sucks! The lackluster approach to support of the product that pays some, if not most of the bills for the company needs to change. So if your like me - totally disgusted with google, their shit adwords product and there total disregard for any customers they have with their lack of support and bullshit canned responses - go to - sign up and within minutes your ad will be showing at a modest CPC and you don't have to deal with the bullshit company known as google.

And hey you google staff - don't like someone trashing your product and talking shit about your company - here's a big secret - Fix the fucking product so it works and support your fucking user base - hmm novel idea huh!